1. Made For Leaving // Well Hung Heart. From the new album “Go Forth and Multiply out today, available on iTunes

  2. Government proposes “Bar” style exam for musicians and bands.

    In a move to curtail the over-saturation of the US music market, the government has issued plans for a required “bar” exam for musicians wishing to enter into the profession.

    Need for such a filter has come due to the overwhelming number of below par bands proliferating the plethora of distribution platforms available. These currently require absolutely zero qualifications to become a part of, and often at a cost of just a handful of dollars. In stark contrast lawyers are required to spend many thousands of dollars on education, and undergo stringent testing before being allowed anywhere near a court room.

    Plans for the new musician qualification requirement are thought to have been brought about by government officials realizing that, although music has become easier to make and distribute, the quality of the recorded content was at an all time low. Ratio is thought to be a factor in this, meaning because there are so many bands, the percentage of good ones become vastly decreased. However, another big factor sighted was that “no one actually has anything important to say”. Furthermore a recent study of bands currently “allowed” to have their music imposed upon others, revealed that the majority of bands who listed themselves as full time musicians, were actually the result of trust fund input, or rich parents. This is opposed to past trends which included putting extensive learning time into their craft, as well as factoring in life experience and experience based on hardship or trauma.

    An official, who asked not to be identified, told us “the problem goes beyond unsuccessful bands”. Hinting that the root of the issue comes from already established bands who were “under qualified” to act as mentors to the current crop of wannabes. He continued “it creates a dilution of originality and quality, resulting in a kind of watered down musical piss.

    To aid those who might be making music for the purpose of expressing actual emotion, as opposed to the chasing of fame or monetary rewards, grants and waivers will be available. However, in contrast to recent trends, these will not be influenced by fan vote, number of Facebook followers or YouTube hits.

  3. Honest reactions to the new Well Hung Heart album

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  6. Fans at SXSW express their love for bands that don’t actually exist.

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    sweet // well hung heart

    More from California based Well Hung Heart is available via their tumblr.

    Well Hung Heart // Sweet
    Appearing live at the OCMusic Awards Best Live Band Final
    Tuesday Feb 25th observatory Santa Ana 10pm FREE All Ages

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    SHOW Tomorrow Night in #Fullerton ! 10pm FREE - Come help us win!!!! #ocmusic @ocmusicawards @continentalroom

  9. Video proof that the Stones do in fact rehearse.