1. Facebook Tips For Bands.

    1. When publicizing anything on Facebook, if your post just contains text - no links, no photos etc, you will immediately reach more people than one contaminated with attachments.

    2. If you are going to tag something, tag another internal Facebook page. You may even show up on non-fan feeds saying you are “talking about” the person you tagged.

    3. Changing your header or profile picture seems to go far more noticed than just simply posting a photo on your feed. Therefor, use these two things to announce upcoming shows and releases embedded in the photos.

    4. Like every comment on your posts, reply to what your fans post and ask. Tag people in a post and thank them for coming out or posting about you.

    5. Have each member of the band have their real name (or real stage name) as their Facebook name and accept fan friend requests. Make sure they do the same things as above. If you have 5 members in a band that’s 5 times the publicity power. If they think they are too cool to self promote, then maybe they should be self promoting to join another band. You can always start a new profile if you get too famous to communicate with real people.

    6. Coordinate with other bands you are doing shows with to create one event that you each invite all your fans to. It’s pointless having 4 different ones. The more everyone’s fans see others joining the event the better it does everyone.

    Taking these steps will help you reach more people without becoming too spammy about it.

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